College Tips

Here are some college tips provided by real life students and alumni from different universities from across the United States.

Joey T. (University of California, Santa Barbara)

“Don’t buy books you can check out at the library!”

Andres O. ‎(Northeastern University)

“You shouldn’t have to resort to go to community college for an affordable education. There’s colleges out there that will give you a decent financial package especially if they’re looking for diversity.”

Cindy R. (University of California, Santa Barbara)

“There are several resources where students can borrow books. There are organizations that maintain their own libraries”

Armando M. (Boston University)

“Its always good to have your safety schools but also apply to schools you think are out of your reach. You’d be surprised at where you get in.”

Daniel V. (Pace University) 

“My one tip would be meet as many people and make as many friends as you can in the first few weeks. The first weeks of college is when everyone is cool and down to chill. After a while people get into groups and are less open.”