There are four choices you can make after graduating from High School; join the military, join the workforce, attend community college, or attend a 4-year university. Eventually, any of these choices will lead to students returning to school, so we recommend starting your college journey after high school. Going to college could mean attending a 4-year university or a community college.


It is recommended that students in high school begin strategizing their college plan as early as 9th grade. Every student is different, and a college degree is more than a qualification. Students can make the most out of being in college, such as opportunities in research, internships, student organizations, summer programs, study abroad, and more.

There are five college degrees; Associate’s Degree (AA, AS), Bachelor’s Degree (BA/BS), Master’s Degree (MA, MS), Professional Degree (Law, Medicine, Business, Social Work), Doctorate Degree (Ph.D, Ed.D, MED)



Being an undergraduate means that you are well on your way on completing a four to five year quest on completing a Bachelor Degree program at a 4-year university or through the transfer process (starting at a community college and completing the degree at a 4-year university).


At this level, you will encounter several opportunities such as joining organizations, getting involved in student government, working and networking during internships, earning scholarships, making new friends, learning new knowledge, and becoming a more civic, responsible, and prepared individual.


College students experience student development in three balanced areas that complete a successful educational experience. These areas are social engagement, academic achievement, and career development.