Scholarships are free and those who are eligible receive this money to pay for educational expenses, while attending a college or university. We encourage you to apply to as many as possible. 

University Plan does not endorse any scholarship search engine or database. Please be aware of scams and advertisements in these websites


Scholarship Search Engines and Databases:


Look through thousands of scholarships by filtering your criteria of eligibility.


Personalize your scholarship search by major or other criteria.


Niche allows you to search for scholarships from various categories based on your eligibility.


Search for scholarships by creating an account that matches you with scholarships.


Undergraduate and graduate scholarships can be found using their scholarship search.

Lists of Scholarships

Search for scholarships by criteria or subjects.

Best Colleges

Students can use’s comprehensive scholarship database to do a scholarship search.


Search for private scholarships using this search engine.


Narrow down your search by using several criteria that fit your background.

Raise Me

High school achievements are considered for scholarships found at this website.

College Board

College Board has a scholarship search and other great information on financial aid and college prep resources, such as the SAT.

Career One Stop

Search for scholarships using this government website, where you can narrow down your search by using keywords.


Search by using a keyword to find scholaraships with eligibility criteria that reflects who you are.