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How persistence helped me start my dream career

By David Raul Serna @dserna427

Day in and day out, as I sat in my classes at St. John’s University, I would always dream about my future. As a management major, I knew I wanted to one day represent entertainers and athletes across all professional platforms. I used to envision myself in a suit showing up to business meetings, out at sporting events, networking, and closing deals.

I remember thinking to myself how I could not wait to live that life. Well, let’s fast forward 2 years and one management degree later. I am now a talent manager who owns Adelante Management Group, and my group represents entertainers and athletes across all professional platforms.

I’m living my dream and am happier than ever. Everything seems to be falling into place now as I continue growing into a professional. Life doesn’t get much better than this right? Right, but it wasn’t easy. When I graduated in May 2015, I had no idea where I was going, I only had this dream. I did everything you could think of. I worked for a real estate firm, started a social media marketing company, promoted events, produced events, started a mini Uber service, interned for two law firms, did non-profit service work, and plenty more.

“Founded by David Raul Serna, Adelante Management Group (AMG), provides ELITE professional representation to help all of our clients move forward!”

My parents also had a dream, and that dream was for me to go to law school and become an attorney. Being the obedient person that I was, I began to start the process of applying to law school. Also, during the same time, I met an amateur boxer who was looking to turn professional and be signed by a manager. What intrigued me about law school was the stability, and what intrigued me about signing the boxer was the risk and potential to begin my dream career. In December of 2015, I had a decision to make. I could either go forward with my acceptance into law school or take the risk and become a manager. Well, you already know the decision I made.

COG Energy
Carlos Osciel Gonzalez is a boxer from Anaheim, CA by way of Guerrero, Mexico – Managed by Adelante Management Group (AMG)

I started Adelante Management Group on February 29, 2016. This was the best and hardest decision I ever made in my life. An important detail is that I didn’t have a mentor in this industry when I started. I was alone, choosing a path that was unknown to me and even those around me, but I had my dream intact. I had to learn by experience, I had to learn from failure, and I also learned by triumph.

Jeremy Uribe (Music Producer and Drummer) – Managed by Adelante Management Group (AMG)

The best tool I have used throughout this entire process is persistence. Every day I try, and effort goes a very long way. I currently manage an actor and comedian Richard Villa, a music producer Jeremy Uribe aka Mr. Orange, a professional boxer Carlos Gonzalez, and I co-manage Mexican Superstar Luis de Alba.

Richard Villa Full Suit Headshot 4
Richard Villa is a bilingual (Spanish / English) stand-up comedian and actor. – Managed by Adelante Management Group (AMG)

My message here is to remind anyone reading this to believe in yourself. Adversity is always looming around us, but it’s how we overcome it that gives us the ability to achieve our goals. With that said, I hope this message connects with each person reading this, and remember that persistence will take you to your dreams and beyond!

David Raul Serna is a graduate from St. John’s University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Sports Management. He is also the owner of Adelante Management Group.