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Rulli Torres fashion brand, how it all got started with going to college.

By Sergio A. Lagunas @salagunas

Rulli has had a passion for fashion since the age of five. He used to watch his mom sew dresses for his sisters. She is his biggest inspiration, although she never wanted him to pursue a career in fashion. Felicity Moore a teacher at Aliso Elementary in Carpinteria, California saw Rulli had a huge passion for the arts. She exposed him to art by taking him to museums in Los Angeles, CA. He envisioned himself attending the University of California Santa Barbara, but his family moved him to Arkansas.

Moving to Arkansas was extremely challenging for Rulli. He lost focus in school or what he wanted to do with his life. He thought fashion was no longer an option. Luckily he met some good teachers who guided him in the right direction. After graduating from Rogers High School he decided to attend NorthWest Arkansas Community College. He majored in graphic design, which was the closest degree next to fashion. He worked for the community college as an academic advisor and that’s when he discovered that the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville had a degree in Fashion. He registered right away. His graphic design degree was a great foundation for the fashion degree. On his first semester he knew fashion was his true passion. He won first place every time the university had a fashion show.

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After graduation he moved to New York City. This was another tremendous challenge, but it helped Rulli to take risks and not to be afraid of anything. He decided to move to Dallas, Texas after a couple of months of being in NYC. Dallas was like a second home. He had helped his family start a business while he was still in high school. He started doing freelance work for another fashion designer, and learned a lot from her.

In 2013, he started strong and decided to launch his own label. Rulli Specializes in women’s gowns but he enjoys working with ready to wear, custom orders, costumes, bridal, men’s blazers, and anything related to apparel or designing. He enjoys the challenge of working with different fabrics and media.


In 2013 he was also invited to participate in a fashion show during New York Fashion Week. In 2014 Northwest Arkansas Community College recognized him an Outstanding Alumni. In 2015, at the celebration of NorthWest Arkansas Community College’s 25th Anniversary, Rulli and the college organized a fashion show sponsored by Wal-Mart. All of the proceeds went to student scholarships. In 2016, he was invited by the University of Arkansas to be recognized and to be featured guest fashion designer for a scholarship fundraising event.

He always finds ways to give back to the community. It might not be an economic impact all the time. Sometimes he goes and talks to young students in alternative schools to try and motivate them to pursue a higher education.


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Rulli is starting to travel back and forth to Los Angeles, California because he wants to reach that market. He is always looking at ways to expand and to better his brand. He is always receiving invitations to participate in Fashion shows locally, nationally, and internationally. Rulli knows this is a tough market but gets great support from his clients, family, and friends. He enjoys the challenge! His biggest goal right now is to design a gown for a celebrity.

Raul Torres is a fashion designer who graduated from University of Arkansas in Fayetteville with a degree in fashion design. He started his own fashion brand Rulli Torres in New York City, NY and Dallas, TX. Follow him on twitter @rullitorres