College Memories

Yes, I am brown. Yes, I am educated.

It is stories like this one that inspires emerging leaders to pursue higher education despite systemic and environmental barriers.

brown sisterhood

This Summer I was asked a question that kind of hurt me. While at work, a white lady started a conversation with me. She asked me regular summer stuff: how it was going, how many weeks of vacation I got left, and if I had been doing any sort of fun things with my friends.

She was nice, or at least I thought she was. The lady asked me what high school I attended, so I told her “Actually, I am a senior at Cal Poly Pomona.” Her face quickly changed; she went from having a soft smile to a straddled and confused look on her eyes. She said “Really? Well what are you majoring in?” And so, I told her: ” I am a journalism major, and  I hope to work for a national newspaper someday.”

I had never seen someone so surprised. The lady, with an open mouth, was completely speechless…

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